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Public awareness of the vital importance of the cleanliness of public spaces is at an all-time high. Both staff and visitors to any public place value cleanliness now more than ever, which is why it’s vital to employ a regular, safe and comprehensive disinfection and sanitization procedure. Utilizing Superior UVC is the perfect way to ensure your space is germ-free, as well as to prioritize the safety of staff and guests as well as to cultivate trust and encourage repeat business.
Business Services:
– Mitigate the effects of foot traffic
– Protect employees and visitors
– Completely non-toxic cleaning
– Time-saving way of cleaning
– UV light not only provides an additional layer of protection to your high-touch surfaces, but may also penetrate to areas that are difficult for, or completely missed by, normal manual cleaning.


We understand that the health and safety of your family is your top priority. Give yourself and your loved ones extra peace of mind by protecting them from germs and viruses with UV-C cleaning services. The CDC recommends regular disinfection practices, but many of the cleaning products readily available have harsh, and even harmful, ingredients that can negatively impact the health of family members, visitors and pets. If you want a meticulous clean without the use of bleach or other harmful chemicals, look no further than Superior UVC. Whether you opt for single-service or routine appointments, Superior UVC’s technology offers thorough, proven sanitization without the chemicals or exorbitant price tag.
Home Services:
– Keep vulnerable loved ones like children and the elderly safe
– Remove harmful germs and bacteria from surfaces
– Can destroy illness that is antibiotic-resistant
– Dangerous microbes are unable to build immunity to UV because it targets bacteria and viruses at the DNA and RNA levels, creating a lasting clean

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